Green Systems Bahamas Limited
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Green Systems Bahamas is an "eco friendly" company producing top quality wholesale compost soil and mulch for the entire Bahamas. Our "TLC" ensures we blend the very best and while economicaly supporting our environment, we enjoy sharing the buy bahamian life style!

Green Systems helps divert tons of green garden waste from the landfill, processing it into a fine compost soil enhancing product. We also divert thousands of pallets from the landfill and process them into a beautiful colourized mulch. We are very proud to be taking action and utilizing what is usually considered waste products. We are a Bahamian company, using Bahamian raw materials that would normally be discarded and producing uniquely Bahamian products.

Green Systems recycling plant sits on approx 10 acres of land in Nassau's Industrial Park area. We recycle green waste and wooden shipping pallets into quality products for sale throughout the Bahamas. These items would have formerly gone to the landfill taking up precious space and creating dangerous gases as they decompose, these gases contribute heavily to the 'greenhouse gases' responsible for global warming.

For the landscapers and commercial size gardens remember by buying from us you avoid having to buy a whole trailer load of mulch or compost, pay for it's shipping and duty that's a big capital outlay avoided.

Home Compost Mulch Recycle Products